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1.Global Connection

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Seven grade of first semester

Explore the World

We are going to learn about the world about 7 continents and 5 oceans in class.  Topics are also extended to mpney, food and famous landmarks around the world.  Students not only made a ball globe, but also designed a world map poster to introduce the iconic attractions in the continents. 

After building up the basic world knowledge, we are going to work on another project-Nation Research.  Using what you have learned, along with your own extended research, you will complete the nation research project.  Nations will all be explored by you and your classmates.

Even though you will be completing this project on your own, some of your classmates will also be learning about the same nation.  It's important and helpful to share the resources that are available to you.

This research project will have three parts.  The first part is a research paper.  The second part is a nation brochure making.  The third part is a PowerPoint Presentation.  Before you start working on either part, you will need to research and plan.





Seven grade of second semester

Embrace Olympic Project

The Olympic Games are the world's largest exhibition of athletic skill and competitive sporot.  They are also displays of nationalism, commerce and politics.  2021 Tokyo Olympic is the highlight event for the comming year.  The project provides students an opportunity to learn more about Olympics.  They get to know logo symbols, sport events and host countries.  Student not only learn about the sportmanship, but also the culture and features of the host countries.  Theey are assigned a city and they need to use technology to do research, make studio news and VR for the host cities.  Students pretend various host nominees to bid for Olympic games and develop their critical thinking skill.

In the model IOC competition, students can acquire the knowledge of nation's features, international relation, and experience the bidding process.  The project involves and teaches particioants speaking and presentation skills, in addition to problem-solving, teamwork, and leadship abilities.  It also engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding into current world issues.

This research project will have three parts.  The first part is getting to know the host cities un the past and 2021 Tokyo Olympics.  The second part is to promote their assigned city by designing flyers, creating VR sport flim and making videos. The third part is scenario learning-Model IOC:Vote for the next host city.



Grade Curriculum Introduction Teaching Team Curriculum Pictures





Eight grade of first semester

Model United Nations Project

MUN is a simulation of the real United Nations with students servung as delegates from a variety of different countries.  They come together in a formal setting to solve global issues and, in the process, come to understand theirrole as future leaders. Model UN helps students see howall of us have a part to play in caring for global neighbors.  Students participate lobbying and formal debate while negotiating, collaborating, and solving global problems.

There are four main sections with sub-topics in this project.

  • Introduction to UN
  • Assigned country research
  • Global Issue Positions
  • MUN-Action in Committee






Eight grade of second semester

TED Talks

TED is an organization dedicated to spreading new and interesting ideas to the world.  They host conferences in which they invite speakers who are experts in a variety of areas to come and share what they are working on.  TED talks are great ways to promote students' oral presentation and confidence.  However, there is no doubt that public speaking is a difficult thing to do and it requires many skills. This project aims to equip students the public speaking skill and take action to deliver a powerful mini TED talk at the end of the semester as an evaluation and self achievement.

This projects has five main component as following

  • Get familiar with TED talks
  • Watch & Learn
  • Pick a topic and research
  • Make your speech
  • My TED Talk





Nine grade

Growth Mindset

At the final year; it's important to develop students' potential and multiple intelligences fully. Growth mindest aims to strengthen what they have learned for the past two years and deepen 21st Century skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity & innovation, communication & collaboration.

The growth mindest consists of three parts.  First, sharpen students' research skills. It requires information organizing and evaluating, note-taking, clarification and paraphrase etc.  Next, learn the six text structures which are main ideas, description, cause and effect, problem and solution, compare and contrast, order and sequence.  Students will practice and apply these thinking strategies in various texts.  Last, put all the skills into good use.  Students need to connect all the knowledge and strategies they've learned to achieve a scenario PBL task- A president for a week.

In this project, students will take on a role as a president of their country for a week.  They need to deal with the issues that the president faces on a daily basis, such as plolitics, economy, diplomatic issues in the country.  Students will learned to make their own decisions and choose the outcomes.  The project combines social studies, current global issue, collaboration, writting research and public speaking skills.  By the end, students needs to make a public speech to theircitizens about how they will handle these issues and lead the county for a better future. 

2.Local Exploration

Grade Curriculum Introduction Teaching Team Curriculum Pictures




Seven grade

Local Exploration


  • Discover the various characteristics of Lukang from the tour map, and then go deeper into the temple culture of Lukang with the Longshan Temple and the Chinese fortune sticks and then introduce the local features in English
  • Recognize the history of Lukang through the Lukang Folk Arts Museum
  • Use technological aids to develop students' ability to use diffetent media to obtain information, solve problems and present their results, and include creative courses to develop students' creativity, and communication and expression skills
  • Deepen students' sense of local identity and explore more local characteristics





Eight grade


3.Multicultural Education 

Grade Curriculum Introduction Teaching Team Curriculum Pictures
Seven grade  

Eight grade    
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