School Background

About Us / 2021-05-11 / 點閱數: 1933

1. Located in Lukang National Historic Scenic Area
Lukang was the most important port for foreign business in the Netherlands and Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty. It used to be prosperous due to commercial development. The prosperous process also left a wealth of human assets. Due to its early development history, there were many temples in Lukang. With cultural assets rich in humanities, such as historical sites, traditional skills, nanguang and beiguan music, and folk activities, our school will inherit the spirit of the ancestors pioneered by Lukang's adventures, and create a positive school spirit of "wind and prosperity" 

2. The Good Life in Changhua, The City of Hope
Changhua County used "Beautiful Changhua, City of Hope" for vision of the construction. The International school is located near the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park. International companies who work in the area may choose the school as a place to send their children. The combination of the beautiful location and the rich culture of the area could attract international companies to the region.

3. White Paper on Global Connection Education in Changhua County
In order to cultivate students with the characteristics of local cultural identity, global cross-cultural thinking, global interconnection and participation in sustainable development issues, Changhua County proposed a white paper on global connectivity education. Its vision is as follows:
1. Cultural Lohas—the promotion of local cultural identity and cross-cultural interaction.
2. Social Creation-Solving real-life problems and connecting the world with entrepreneurship.
3. Global Sustainability—practice green energy leadership and sustainable ecological development.
4. Education Hub, (Modern Education Starting Point) 
Education is an important axis linking the past and the future. Through the power of education, civilization can be continued and innovations can be flourished; "hub" play a key role in the development of civilization, whether seaports, airports, or ports on the Internet. In order to link the functions of different people, materials, messages and cultures, through exchanges and interactions, we have repeatedly created different operating modes of society from the past, providing a new direction for the development of civilization. Positioning Lujiang International Primary and Secondary School as an "Education Hub" means to achieve the goal of "international vision, ability movement, activation of humanities, and creation of touch" with the power of education, and to create innovative humanistic nodes in the context of culture and the structure of the world.